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The foundation of why Alpha Phi remains strong today is our sisterhood. Members of our organization share a strong bond of sisterhood that is built upon trust, support, and mutual respect. From the moment a new member joins, she is welcomed with open arms and made to feel like she belongs. From Bid Day, to big/little, "lin" (lineage) dins, movie nights, trampoline parks, ice skating, Camp Phi, walks arounds the arb, cookie decorating, to caroling with the house director, sisterhood starts the moment you join and carries you through graduation.

One of the most impressive things about Alpha Phi at the University of Michigan is the level of support each member provides for one another. Whether it is helping a sister through a difficult time, celebrating a big accomplishment, or just being there to listen, these women, these sisters, are always there for each other. We are truly invested in each other's success and well-being, and this is what makes our bond so strong.

Alpha Phi is... every big and little moment in our member's life from the moment she joins. And if you've ever been to our Preference ceremony, you've heard how our sisterhood has shaped our hearts and what Alpha Phi is to each of us.

Alpha Phi also provides many opportunities for personal growth and development. Members are encouraged to get involved in leadership positions, participate in philanthropic events, and engage in our various social activities. Through these experiences, our sisterhood forms lifelong friendships.

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