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Live Like Eileen

In memory of our sister, Eileen Sheahan.


“Live like Eileen” means to live with kindness, loyalty, strength, compassion, humor, and to love unconditionally. In her too short time with us, Eileen exuded all of these qualities to everyone she met. Her beautiful smile and ocean blue eyes captured the hearts of more people than many are able to do in a lifetime. Her spirit will live through us forever. We are so lucky to call you a sister & friend. AOE


Tell your friends you love them.

Continue spreading her love & positivity. Share how you will Live Like Eileen below.

Laugh often, say yes effortlessly, and love unconditionally🩵


Feb 07

To never give up, say yes to every good opportunity, and to smile at everyone!


Our sisterhood is forever changed as we navigate the heartbreaking passing of our beloved sister & friend, Eileen Sheahan. Eileen was a senior studying Economics from Evanston, IL, and the most lovable, radiant, positive, and a friend to absolutely everyone. There was a joy that Eileen brought into every room she was in, a sense of peace you felt when she spoke with you, and she was the friend you could always count on to lift you up. Eileen lived her life with a positive attitude, a kind spirit, and was a care-free, enjoy the moment type of girl. Eileen had the biggest heart for others, and made every single one of us feel so loved. Her laugh will always be heard, her energy always felt, and her ocean blue eyes will always be seen by those who walk through 1830.

To Eileen’s family- thank you for raising her, thank you for sharing your big sister with us, and thank you for shaping her into the most incredible person who has impacted each of our lives forever. Know that the love that she shared with all of us will continue to be spread out into the world.

While our hearts are shattered, and none of this feels fair, we honor Eileen by living like she would. “Live like Eileen” means to live with kindness, loyalty, strength, compassion, humor, and to love unconditionally. Please use the comment section on this post to share how you plan to live more like Eileen in your life, so all of her family and friends can see how her spirit is continuing to be spread.

The Sheahan family has created The Eileen Sheahan Memorial Scholarship at The Academy at St. Joan of Arc and “Live Like Eileen” apparel that will contribute to her scholarship fund. Please see our link in bio.

Eileen, we love you. AOE.

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